Seniors 2020

Alexandra Slaughter

Parents of Ali are Rachel and Tom Slaughter. At East, Ali was active in volleyball, FAC, and orchestra. Making amazing friends during her years in orchestra, is Ali’s favorite memory. After high school, Ali plans to attend JCCC, then Kansas State University for a degree in elementary education.

Fun Fact: Ali’s favorite animals are alpacas

Brooklyn Manning

Parents of Brooklyn are Erin and JT Manning. Throughout high school, Brooklyn was active in Cross Country, Soccer, Diversity and Inclusion, SHARE Chair, Coalition and Junior Board.  Brooklyn’s favorite orchestra memory is the spring show with elementary through high school.  Specifically, “being able to stand when asked how many times you’ve participated in that concert.”  Brooklyn’s future plans are to attend college at either the University of Nebraska- Lincoln or DePaul University. 

Emory Apodaca

Emory is the son of Melanie and Tim Apodaca.  During his time at East, Emory was active in Policy Debate, Stuco, Orchestra, Math Club, Junior Board, and Tennis.  Hanging out with friends before performing at orchestra concerts is his favorite orchestra memory, because it’s” total pandemonium.” After high school, Emory plans to purse a double major in Physics and Molecular Engineering at University of Chicago. 

Fun Fact: Emory bakes for fun!  He loves to make cakes more than anything because cake is his favorite food.

Gabrielle Buck

Gabby is the daughter of Greg and Kay Buck.  In addition to orchestra, Gabby participated in Junior Board and Band.  Honors include; selection to the All-District and All-State orchestras her junior and senior year. Earning 1 ratings at District and State Regional Solo and Ensemble for solo work and multiple ensembles. Her favorite orchestra memory is the Montreal trip because she met two of her closest friends on that trip. Gabby’s future plans are to attend Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin to pursue degrees in Animal Behavior and Music.  

Fun Fact: Gabby has a large collection of plants 

Joseph Green

Joe’s parents are Susan and Lane Green. His favorite orchestra memory is from the Hawaii trip;

 “Truman was getting coffee, then our bus to take us to Pearl Harbor came and his coffee wasn’t ready, so he stayed at the shop till it was ready and the bus had already left. He had to order an uber that ended up costing him 40 bucks.”  After high school, Joe plans to attend JCCC, then KU.

Fun Fact: Joe power-lifts in his spare time and plays the guitar

Sophie Green

Sophie is the daughter of Susan Ballesteros and Stratton Green.  During high school Sophie also participated in Latin Club, IB Diploma, Freelancer, Junior Board, Bollywood Dance Club and the Pit Orchestra.  Sophie’s favorite orchestra memory is from the Hawaii Trip. “when we went out to the North Shore later at night and saw the sunset, and then ended up at the only open restaurant, which was a bar/restaurant and listened to live music, got shaved ice, and then ended up almost missing the last bus back to the hotel.” Future plans are to attend UMKC, majoring in computer science, and then law school. 

Fun Fact: Sophie’s IB project for math was about Mr. Rodger’s cardigans. 

Olive Henry

Olive’s parents are Alex Henry and Elizabeth Benson.  Throughout high school Olive was involved in the following activities: Debate, Diversity and Inclusion, International Baccalaureate and Junior Board. Her favorite memory from orchestra is the Montreal trip because she became friends with some of her now closest friends,  and it was her first experience visiting such an amazing city.  Future plans are to attend Northeastern University with a combined major in political science and human services.  

Fun Fact: Olive has never had a mosquito bite.

Truman Raile

Truman is the son of Rachel and Chris Raile. In addition to orchestra, he also participated in Robotics and a CAA Hackathon.  Truman’s favorite memory from orchestra are Junior/Senior year.  “Since Junior year orchestra has been exponentially more fun than it’s ever been. I got along better with some amazing people like Henry, Evan, Joe, Owen, Aug and many more. Just coming in everyday was so fun.”  Future plans are to attend KU for computer science, make indie games in college and work at a big company in LA if any of his games work out. 

Fun Fact: Truman kinda designs clothing.  

Henry Sowell

Henry is the son of Bryan Sowell and Christine Hoober.  While at SME he’s been involved in the following activities; Theatre, Creative Collab and Freelancer.  Henry’s favorite orchestra memory is the Hawaii trip, when he and Owen went on a walk around 8p.m.  “We were walking through this really nice park, and we see this lady sitting at a bus stop, no one else around mind you- and she just bursts out laughing, starts rolling on the ground, absolutely losing it. Owen and I just start speed walking past, and we look back not thirty seconds later, and she’s gone, no bus had snuck by us, nothing, she was just, gone.”  Future plans include attending UMKC for Political Science. 

Fun Fact: Henry used to take ballet and was in The Nutcracker in sixth grade. 

Wesley Truster

Wesley’s parents are Tiffany and Logan Truster. In addition to orchestra, Wesley participated in band. Her favorite orchestra memory is Thursday mornings in Philharmonic when Davis would bring doughnuts and everyone could chat a little before playing.  Future plans are to attend Rockhurst University. 

Fun Fact: Wesley has a major sweet tooth

Jackson Weaver

Jackson is the son of Marsha and Chris Weaver.  In addition to orchestra, Jackson worked on the Freelancer.  His favorite memory from orchestra is “the time that Mr. Keda and the parent chaperones somehow managed to get a ton of high schoolers together for a performance at a festival in Hawaii. Despite very limited practice time, a crashed U-Haul truck, and the involvement of a couple dozen teenagers, it ended up working out pretty well. Also it was in Hawaii, which was fun.” After high school, Jackson plans to attend Columbia College in Chicago. 

Fun Fact: Jackson was TIME Magazine’s person of the year in 2006

Emma Wiltfon

Emma is the daughter of Laura and Bryan Wiltfon.  SME activities include Ukulele  Club Co-President, Bollywood Dance Club, Fashion Design Studio.  Emma’s favorite memories of orchestra are the orchestra trips to Montreal and Hawaii. She got her concert size uke at a swap meet in Oahu!  Emma plans to attend Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri this fall majoring in Fashion Design and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. 

Fun Fact:  Emma’s learning to crochet

Vincent Hsiung

Vincent is the son of Paul Hsiung and Chichin Tsai.  Vincent has been recognized with several awards and honors including: District and State Solo and Ensemble 1 rating (2017,2018,2019), All-District and All-State Orchestra (2018, 2019), both years as the Cello principal. He was also selected to the All-National Symphony Orchestra in 2019.  Most recently, Vincent earned a first-place scholarship for the Arts Council of Johnson County Shooting Stars.  Other activities include, Basketball, Tennis, IB, Junior Board, Math Club, NHS, and Spanish NHS.  Vincent’s favorite orchestra memory is the Canada trip, where he became close with a few people he’s still friends with.  After high school, Vincent plans to attend college. 

Meghma Pal

Meghma is the daughter of Soma Ray and Soumen Paul.  Activities include IB, Freelancer, Bollywood Dance Club, NHS, Spanish NHS, Orchestra, Choir, Math Club, Junior Board, Musical revue.  Honors include a one rating at Solo and Ensemble in 2018. Her favorite orchestra memory is from the Hawaii trip.  “We went to the North Shore to watch the sunset and we got there pretty late, so most everything was closed except for a surf shop. we went to the one restaurant that was still open and our chaperone took a ton of spoons from the utensil dispenser, even though we only ordered sodas. Then we almost got stranded at the North Shore because the last bus was supposed to come at 9, but it didn’t come until 9:30. We all panicked for half an hour because it was very dark out and there were some pretty sketchy people at the bus stop (we nicknamed one of them “creepy guitar guy”.

We ended up getting back to the hotel around 11:30 pm, well after curfew, but it was alright because our chaperone had already informed the person conducting room checks that we would be missing them. It was a fun night.” After high school, Meghma’s plans are to attend UMKC School of Medicine: 6-year B.A. / M.D. Program.  

Fun Fact: Meghma loves Taylor Swift- everyone already knows this, but it is the most important thing about me.